Friday, December 17, 2010

The bright side of life

Are you a little down in anticipation of the holidays?  

Is all of the Columbus Blue Jackets fan angst getting to you?  

Have you spent too much time looking for "Boomer" gear?  (It doesn't exist, and - soon - neither will Boomer.)

Did you buy a new third jersey for your loved one, only to hear that same loved one curse "those @#$@#!!! jersies" while your precious gift withers under the tree?  

Is Steve Mason's implosion screwing up your fantasy hockey league team?  

Did the joy of CannonFest result in a little too much irrational exuberance on your part going into this season?  

Do blowout losses just take the win out of your sails? 

Are you just reading this blog too much?  (Wait, that can't be a problem.  Strike that.)

Don't fret, Blue Jackets fans.  There really are some bright spots to this season, and I'm going to share a few of them with you.  Perhaps, with your help, we can find some more rays of sunshine in this most muddled of seasons.

With no further ado, here are The Dark Blue Jacket's Reasons for Joy for the 2010-2011 Columbus Blue Jackets Season (thus far), presented in all seriousness.  Really, I'm being serious.

  1. Rick Nash is tied for fourth in the NHL in goals scored (17).
  2. Mathieu Garon is third in the NHL in goals against average (1.97).
  3. Rusty Klesla is eighth in the NHL in plus-minus (+15).
  4. Garon is tied for third in the NHL in shutouts (3). 
  5. The Blue Jackets are off to the best start in the franchise's history. (My question, The CBJ's reply)
  6. As I type, the 35 points accumulated by the Blue Jackets so far put them in a tie for 8th in the Western Conference (pushed down to 11th due to tiebreakers).  They are only 2 points behind 7th place San Jose; 3 points behind 3rd-6th place Vancouver, Nashville, Colorado and Anaheim and 4 points behind 2nd place Dallas.  
Sure, this season hasn't gone picture perfectly.  But the team still has bright spots, and the season is FAR from over.  We all knew it was going to be a Tums type of season going in, and it's proven to be just that.  

But don't give up.  There's still plenty to root for, and I'm sure that there will be plenty more as we march on.


  1. Excellent!! As disappointing as the last couple of weeks have been, there is still plenty to be hopeful with this team. I still feel pretty confident about being in the playoff hunt at the end of the season. Merry Christmas, and Go Blue Jackets!!

  2. The western conference is surprisingly full of parity compared to the eastern conference.


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