Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nationwide Arena survives another "All You Can Eat Night"

Staff for new CBJ concession vendor Tim Horton's hold
an anxious pregame strategy session to prepare for
the rampaging hordes on Season Ticket Holder
"All You Can Eat Night"
It comes infrequently, and thank the lord for small favors.  Yes, last night was "All You Can Eat Night" for Columbus Blue Jackets season ticket holders.

And, by all reports, the carnage was impressive.  The CBJ might be in a mini-slump, but such trivialities easily are trumped by the offer of free food.

As a disclaimer: I am not a season ticket holder, nor was I at last night's game.  I was online, however, and the Tweets coming out of Nationwide Arena were enough to set public health back 20 years.

With a small yellow wristband, season ticket holders were entitled to have pretty much whatever they wanted from any of the many concourse concessionaires.  And while I will never complain about arena cuisine, we're not talking about food that would make the editors at Eating Well swoon.  Nope, we're talking about nachos.  Smothered in cheese.  We're talking about pretzels.  And hot dogs.  And burgers.  It goes on and on.  Why not give you a visual of the fare?

Actual photo from CBJ season ticket holder "All You Can Eat Night."
For one night only, season ticket holders could gorge themselves on the
finest that Nationwide Arena could offer.
This promotional tactic apparently is one of the favorites of the season ticket holders, and surely the team won't mess with a good thing.  But enjoy these Tweeted comments from last night:
  • "I think I rolled out the door..."
  • "Man the food coma from last nights #CBJ game came on quick when I got home."
One would hope that the CBJ recognizes yet another marketing opportunity and partners with the Cleveland Clinic or OhioHeath to post ambulances at every exit and offer free blood pressure screenings, glucose checks or, as one Tweeter suggested, a follow-up event, "Gastric Bypass Night."

One last thought: Last night's attendance was 12,443, the highest weekday home game attendance for the Columbus Blue Jackets thus far this season.  Coincidence?  Who knows?

[Photos and Tweets intentionally left anonymous to protect the identities of those who had a rockin' good time last night.]

[UPDATE: The Dispatch's Tom Reed reports on the damage from last night through Twitter...
Loosen your belt and grab an antacid as you digest the totals from last night's "Free Food Night" for #CBJ season-tix holders owning a PSL: 
... 2230 individual-sized Donatos pizzas,1032 boxes of Tim Hortons Timbits, 1072 servings of Dippin’ Dots, 820 burgers, 1200 soft pretzels.. 
. . . 2800 bags of peanuts, 5500 boxes or bags of candy, 3527 hot dogs.
That's a lot of Timbits!  When I predicted a "Maalox" type of season for the CBJ, I had no idea I was referring to concessions!]

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