Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"That's our guy!"

One of the nice things about going to play in Vancouver - or perhaps the only nice thing, seeing as we in Columbus will be up until something like 1AM watching the game - is the "old home week" coverage that the Vancouver media is giving to the former coach of the Canucks' AHL affiliate, Scott Arniel.  Nothing beats the story of a guy who was part of your organization, strikes out on his own and does well for himself, and Arniel is no exception.

While the following articles don't say a lot that a diehard Columbus Blue Jackets fan doesn't know (or hasn't surmised), it still is nice to see a little love thrown our way by the Canadian hockey press.  So go ahead and check these two articles out, as they're rather well done:
And here's a little game preview from Vancouver for good measure:
Alas, it wouldn't be a Canucks article if we weren't all called to worship at the altar of The Sedin Twins.  

Enjoy the game on Wednesday, everyone.  Remember, there's no Fox Sports Ohio coverage, so try to catch the Rogers SportsNet feed on Center Ice (or hopefully GameCenter Live, as that's how I hope to watch it).  I also hear that the R Bar will be showing the game with their usual gusto, so you've got at least one solid option if you can't find the game online or on TV at home.  

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