Friday, December 10, 2010

Filatov is off to Springfield

How timely.

Seriously, here's my take from that linked post on this very scenario:
Howson, Arniel (and Filatov?) agree to send Filatov down to Springfield to find his mojo on the North American ice. Personally, I think that this is the ideal long-term solution once Huselius, another shooter, returns to the lineup from injury...but the now obvious flight risk to Russia makes such a move a significant point of concern. The only way I can see this scenario working is if Filatov himself asks for the plane ticket. Otherwise, there will always be that lingering fear that Filatov will instead take the first flight back to Moscow.
It now appears that the flight risk is minimal, per the Dispatch: "There are no indications that Filatov is considering a return to Russia. One source this afternoon told The Dispatch that Filatov's return home last season was 'not enjoyable' on many levels."

No way but the hard way....

(And kudos to DBJ reader OSUJumpMan once more for tossing this scenario into the mix!)

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