Sunday, December 5, 2010

The new Blue Jackets third jerseys have arrived!

As promised, I wanted to let this blog's readers know that the new Columbus Blue Jackets jersey has arrived in The DBJ Shop.

The Shop, which is powered by, has the authentic jersey, the (replica) premier jersey, the premier jersey in youth sizes and even a premiere jersey with Rick Nash's name, number and the "C".  The Nash jersey appears to be a pretty good deal, for what it's worth.

There's a lot, lot more in the Shop, and it's certainly worth a gander if you're looking for CBJ gear for your holiday giving.  (And, yes, I might someday receive a miniscule level of compensation from Amazon for referring you to the store.)

Enjoy your jerseys!  Really, they are NOT bad luck for the Blue Jackets.  Ill-timed considering the opposition faced and the state of the team's mental health, definitely.  But not bad luck charms...

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  1. Nash's chicken legs really stand out in that picture. Thanks for the heads-up!


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