Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big questions

Yet another blowout loss forces this fan to sit back and ponder...

  1. In retrospect, what allowed the Columbus Blue Jackets get out to a 14-6-0 start? Considering what's happened since Thanksgiving, is it possible to get that back this season?
  2. Really, which team do we have on our hands? The promise of 14-6-0 or the disappointment of 6-12-3?
  3. Does this team really lack skill?  Is it a skilled team that lacks the ability to execute?  Or do they just lack the will?
  4. Could any goalie be successful in front of this team's defense?
  5. How long do you let a young player play (poorly) before deciding to move along?
  6. Why are the CBJ forwards unwilling to get in the opponent's crease?
  7. Presuming he hasn't lost the locker room already, how long can Scott Arniel keep playing the "bad cop" with his roster until that happens?
  8. How much of this roster will turn over between now and the beginning of next season?  How much should?
  9. What is it about this franchise that allows such mediocre to poor play to continue?  And what is necessary to change it for the foreseeable future?
  10. When will the player leadership get the level of scrutiny that the coaching and front office has had?
  11. Are the coaches in over their heads?  Collectively?  Individually?
  12. Should there be any sacred cows when it comes to the trading block?

Tough questions, but the times demand that they be asked...and hopefully answered, if the negative momentum is to be reversed in time for the CBJ season to be considered successful.

What big questions do you have?  Or might you have some answers?


  1. Item #12: This _may_ be a bit unpopular, it's just what I think, but I think you need to hold onto Nash, Umberger and Boll. I think surround by the right people, those guys can shine. I also think you need to give Mason on last chance, but make it clear to him (and Dave Rook) that the team can't wait for him anymore. Sestito has definitely earned a second look as well.

    As much as I would like to add Klesla to that list, I think I would be doing it for mostly sentimental reasons as he's the last original Jacket.

    I was a big fan of Russell coming into this season, but I don't know that he can be what the team needs him to be. I think Strahlman is a complete bust and should be dealt ASAP.

    That's not to say I don't think those guys can't be successful somewhere else (well, maybe not Strahlman), but it's just not working out here.

    Can we trade away our GM? :)

  2. DBJ -
    I think the only sacred cow is Umberger. A guy who knows how to win.

    As far as number 1, probably not, all the other teams have raised their level of play. Until we raise ours, no.
    2. uh, the latter. ugh.
    3. Again, the latter. The skill problem (on the front end) is between the ears. On the back end, yes, we lack the skill.
    4. no.
    5. Tough call. I think its too soon to give up on Brass & Jake, but you have to fix the mental attitude in the room as a whole.
    6. Because they are back attempting to help deal with our defensive inadequacies. Think the russians against the canadians in the first two periods of the gold medal game. By the time you get a clear, you are ready for a line change. The last stretch pass out of our blue line was made by Nikita Filatov. Nuff said.
    7. I think Arniel ain't near done.
    8. Lessee, 23 guys, 10% is 2, so lets go with 40%, Clark, Moreau, Pahlson, Stralman, Hejda, Klesla, Murray,Juice.
    9. Its all they know. Outside of Umberger, its all they have ever experienced. Bring in some winners (see Thrashers, Atlanta).
    10. Bet ya a pair of wings tix on the 14th that Nash isn't captain next year.
    11. No. Frustrated, yes.
    12. Umby.


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