Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Columbus is a REAL good hockey town

Put your Commodore and Wilson thoughts aside, step back from the Columbus Blue Jackets entirely, and think about this:

The 2011 NHL Winter Classic had better TV ratings in Columbus than all but 8 other NHL U.S. markets.

Yup.  Better than New York City.  Better than Chicago.  Better than the sunbelt hockey outposts.

Sure, it had something to do with the fact that Columbus has a healthy Penguins fan contingent.  But I submit that it had more to do with a town that loves its sports and has grown to love NHL hockey over the past 10 years - despite the on-ice performance of the CBJ.

This news, perhaps more than any other since the whole Arena stuff hit the fan, gives me hope that the CBJ will be around for a long time to come.  The NHL would be crazy to give up on this market.


  1. God, I hope you're right.

    I know I was watching the winter classic, and, because I f***ing hate Pittsburgh, loving every sweet moment of it.

  2. There's plenty of hockey around here, and it's what our friends from the north ignore while trying to poach the Jackets.

    The local adult league is the second largest in the country, the largest is in Dallas. (I think we have more teams, but less players...or something like that.)

    There is now a High School league in central OH, and OHSAA added a region that includes Columbus and Cincy since there are enough teams to fill one out. Meaning, not all the hockey is played north of I-90 anymore.

    The youth programs are very healthy, and the CCYHA is the largest youth organization in the USA Hockey Mid-Am district.

    When the Jackets finally get it all together, there are plenty of fans and future fans just dying to cheer on a winner.

  3. And also play for them, hopefully.


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