Sunday, January 2, 2011

Game 39/Nashville: My Take

After demolishing so many jinxes and curses in the prior game, the Columbus Blue Jackets succumbed to the most lasting of their hexes and lost, 4-1, to the Nashville Predators in Whatever They're Calling That Arena Today.

This was the first game all season where I had a green light to watch the entire game but made a deliberate decision not to.  The Jackets clearly chose to call it a game after a terrific first minute of the first period, so I hung it up after the fourth unanswered Nashville goal, with roughly 14 minutes to play.  Made me sad on one hand, but the Dark Blue Toddler enjoyed having his dad give him his bath and read him bedtime stories - always a good thing.

I submit that the CBJ have not seen a defenseman like Shea Weber all season.  As a result, they had no answer to him.  That's rather pathetic, seeing as Weber doesn't crash the net as an Arniel-coached defenseman does.  Weber sits back on the blue line and blasts shots in from the point.  The Jackets blocked 23 shots to 7 by Nashville...why could they not stop Weber?

As a result of the game, the Predators lept over the CBJ in the standings.  As I type, Nashville jumped into the 8th (and final playoff) slot in the West, while the CBJ dropped back to 11th.  Sure, they're only separated by one point, but this conference is THAT tight this year. 

Nothing more to say about this one.  Next?

NEXT UP: The Jackets travel to the Valley of the Sun to play Phoenix on Tuesday night.

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  1. Shea Weber's shots break bones. Repeatedly.
    Perhaps that factors in.......


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