Thursday, January 6, 2011

An early spring cleaning

First, let's sort through the chatter out of Nationwide Boulevard for the day:
Never thought I'd be using THIS graphic again...
It's clear that something is afoot in Blue Jackets land.  Or maybe a couple of somethings.

Yet, like everything that happens around CBJ general manager Scott Howson, it's clear that there's a chess game going on.  Pieces are being put in position before the final moves are made.  I mean, let's think about it:
  1. Why was Kyle Wilson not sent to Springfield?  
  2. Why was Commodore waived?
  3. Why are Wilson and Commodore still hanging around with the CBJ if they've been waived?
  4. How long is Moreau going to be out (beyond the "at least a week" projection)?
  5. How long is Calvert going to hang around with the Blue Jackets?
  6. What will Scott Howson do with the two open roster slots that waiving Wilson and Commodore offers?
Lots to mull over, but I'm not comfortable ascribing motivations to particular actors in this winter drama on this blog right now.  Maybe later.

So let's sit back and see what unfolds, shall we?


  1. Would you mind telling me exactly what these "waivers" are? If they're playing with the CBJ, maybe they wanted a different contract? I don't get the business side of sports, lol.

  2. Waivers means they *can* be assigned. The fact that he wasn't assigned means nothing. Waivers aren't a dismissal of services as people seem to make it out to be. That said, being on the opposite coast, it makes sense to hang on to him still for a few days - just in case - or in anticipation of a potential move. Keeping Wilson & Commie around, waived or not, keeps them fresh for suitors...

  3. Good comment Dannielle!


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