Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carrying The Flag. Literally!

Fresh off their impressive win in the recent Motown Cup - conclusively proving that good hockey can be played outside the State of Michigan - the Fort Wayne (IN) Squirt AA Komets hockey club will invade Nationwide Arena this weekend in style!

If I understand correctly, the Li'l K's will be playing a game against their Columbus-area peers earlier in the day on the main ice...but a few of the kids, including my nephew, and their coach also will be Carrying The Flag prior to the February 5 Columbus Blue Jackets game against the Edmonton Oilers.  They will be wearing their Komets sweaters onto the ice.

This is unbelievably cool on a host of levels: 
  1. It is yet another demonstration of the Blue Jackets' ongoing commitment to supporting youth hockey
  2. By having the kids wear their K's jersies, it is a great way to remind the CBJ home fans of their team's minor-league affiliation with the CHL Fort Wayne Komets.  
  3. My nephew is perhaps one of the biggest supporters of the CBJ in Fort Wayne...he's been rooting for his hero, Rick Nash, for years through thick and thin.  To Carry The Flag...this is a dream come true for this little man.
Will I be wearing my own Komets jersey to Nationwide on Saturday in solidarity with my nephew and his team?  You bet I am!


  1. The goalie's expression is hilarious in this photo.

  2. Aren't these kids great? They're so excited at winning the Cup!

  3. Let me point something out here. These kids are GOOD. How do I know that. My kid is on a COLUMBUS based team that beat them TWICE recently. According to their website it is their only losses this season. The team that beat them is from CAHA and while the Komets are a travel AA team the CAHA North Stars are a house select team. House hockey is known as a starting point--recreational hockey. For the kids on our North Star team its a whole different level. Goes to prove that there can be serious hockey in Columbus. The future is bright. The North Stars recently won the AA Rock & Roll Cup in Cleveland defeating Compuware in the championship game. My point is if we are going to give props to youth hockey teams lets promote the local kids too.

  4. Great to know about the CAHA North Stars! (In fact, I think you probably saw me at one of the two games that those kids played against the Li'l K's...)

    As for giving props to local youth hockey, I would love to do so but honestly don't know much about it. My only connection to youth hockey is through my nephew, so that's what I write about.


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