Saturday, October 1, 2011

AT&T U-Verse drops the NHL Network

As of midnight last night, AT&T pulled the NHL Network from its U-Verse television service. Of course, it had to happen right at the beginning of the NHL regular season.  And talk about dumb luck - I just switched to U-Verse a couple of weeks ago!

The Death Star sez: "No NHL Network for you!"
Here's what AT&T had to say:
We have tried to reach a fair, long-term deal with NHL Network in order to continue delivering this channel to U-verse TV U450 and Sports Tier customers. Unfortunately, it appears that as of midnight EST, Oct. 1, NHL Network will no longer be available on U-verse TV because we will no longer have an acceptable agreement to carry the channel. We are always open to considering a fair and detailed proposal from NHL Network. 
U-verse TV customers can continue to watch their home team and other teams play on NBC, Versus or on their area’s local regional sports network. These networks are delivering over 100 games this season, which is more televised live NHL hockey games than ever before.
The NHL and NHL Network apparently had nothing to say publicly on the matter.

We've been down this road before, and I offered what I thought were five reasonable principles that the NHL should operate by when it comes to delivering content to viewers.  I'll stand by that - these companies aren't looking out for the fans.

Let's hope that this gets straightened out as soon as possible.


  1. Can't wait for the day when people can order what ever channels we want...a la carte (particularly with sports). I am hoping that is where Apple TV is headed. Want NHL network, MLB, NBA, NFL, Fox Soccer? Pay them directly...I'd happily pay them for their services.

    I love the NHL network, and hope AT&T can resolve.

  2. I'm so glad I'm subscribed to DISH Network who is always fighting to keep the channels I enjoy on my HDTV. I hope things work out for these guys, I don’t know what I would have done if I missed Mike Modano’s retirement press conference or his tribute. As a fan I want to have access to hockey news like this, and as an employee of DISH I know that I can depend on DISH for keeping what I want on the air.

  3. Thanks at&t for letting the NHL channel go. It's so convenient to drop it right before the season, and also tell your customers instead of us going to the chhannel, and not finding the NHL Channel.
    Good job. Is this what you over charge me for.


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