Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DBJ's 5 thoughts on Game 6: Dallas

Dallas 3 - Columbus 2
0-5-1, 5th in Central Division, 15th in Western Conference
The Columbus Blue Jackets lost in regulation, 3-2, to the Dallas Stars at Nationwide Arena.

1. I think that I've figured out what's killing me when I watch this team.  There's ZERO flow.  All too often, we see something resembling this:
  • Player 1 sets up and passes to Player 2, who's standing still to ensure that he receives the pass.  
  • Player 2 then has to build up a head of steam to get the puck out of the defensive zone, fending off the inevitable challenge from the opposition who's laying in wait.  
  • Presuming Player 2 gets past the defender, he advances past center ice and slows to set up for his pass.  
  • Having had time to set up shop, the defenders form a Berlin Wall that Player 2 has to overcome.  
  • Player 3 now tries to advance into the offensive zone, but he, too, has to make it past the Berlin Wall and pray that Player 2's pass crosses through with just enough lead that he can do something with the puck when in the zone.  
  • Presuming Player 2's pass makes it past the Berlin Wall and Player 3 isn't offsides, Player 3 then stops cold and sets up for a shot, which the goalie can see coming a mile away.  
And you wonder why this team can't score?  I'm going to pray that this is a function of the lack of cohesiveness on this squad, but then the question raises itself: "How long until these guys DO get cohesive?"

2. Derek Dorsett had a rough night: He was in the offensive crease on the disallowed first period goal and then tried to pick a fight with Dallas' Steve Ott, who ignored him and eventually scored a goal.  Man, was he pushing the agitation, though.

3. The presence of emergency backup goalie callup Matthew Corbeil (from the major junior St. John Sea Dogs club) was not worth even the effort expended in offering this much of a thought.  So I'll stop there.

4. I've never seen a team so consistently let their guard down after a score. It's like they are reading all the congratulatory Tweets and adoring headlines in real time. The Jackets are down 2-0 in the 3rd, Brassard scores a power play goal (!) to make it 2-1, and then the team let Dallas score less than a minute and a half later to make it 3-1. And it happens like that so often with this team. ARGH!!!

5. Dallas' Jamie Benn literally undressed five Blue Jackets en route to his goal.  As stunning and horrifying as this was to this CBJ fan, that was damned good hockey on Benn's part.

BONUS number 6. I hereby retract all of my conjecture about flu shots.

BONUS number 7. I'm getting reports that coach Arniel was having words with a heckling fan on the way down the tunnel on the way out from tonight's game.  Not pretty, no matter how you slice it.

BONUS: In the lead-up to today's game, I offered a post suggesting that it's time to match the CBJ's expansion-quality record with expansion-era sweaters.  This is not a revolt against the Blue Jackets - I still heartily encourage people to buy tickets, show up and cheer their lungs out for a team that needs all the support it can get - but it's a statement that I'm going to go through The Suck with them...that I'll wear that crappy sweater until the team pulls out a win.  And go figure, a lot of fans are jumping on board, going as far as to email me their photos of expansion-era sweaters in action tonight.  Here's the promised sampling, and remember that most of these photos were forwarded before the Blue Jackets took the ice:


CBJunkie & child

En4cer45's Tugnutt sweater

En4cer45 found this Serge Aubin sweater
(but no Serge Aubin pants, those are at the R Bar)

JessicaWatson2 found this guy on the concourse

JohnTKemp's little man sported the colors
A photo I took of Fox Sports Ohio's pregame show.
Surely it was a coincidence.  (But what was the cameraman wearing?)

MattCulby making sure you don't miss the neon


Woody (right) and his progeny
(Check out the suh-weet CBJ cave!)

Yours truly following the loss.
Proud fans, perhaps frustrated fans, but not ready to give up on their team.  Join the movement.

The expansion sweaters will stay on until the team wins a game.

NEXT UP: Friday, 7:30PM, against the Detroit Red Wings at The Joe.  


  1. Join the movement! We're not mad at our team, we're not boo-ing them with every mistake, we're not leaving games early. We are fans who haven't given up on our team. We still believe! We are simply showing that we've been with this team through thick and thin and will continue to stick with this team through it all! To get pumped up for the movement, here's a video with the inaugural puck drop (http://youtu.be/1OdISrcFts0) Proud member of the Expansion Sweater Movement! Let's Go Jackets!

  2. I believe this team will turn it around. But something drastic needs to change.


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