Monday, October 3, 2011

Forgetting Nicky(s)

Cam Atkinson on the first day of Camp
Tis the Season for Bold Predictions: Cam = Calder

Since it is the season for reckless predictions, I thought I would go ahead and make mine.  My predictive track record for any thing remotely positive is dismal.  My predictive record when I am spewing bile at those I dislike (see Predators, Nashville) is even worse.  The lesson, of course, is that spewing bile is not a good idea.  The crow you eat at the end is even worse.

But I love guys flying below the radar.  I notice that Puck Daddy hedged his bets, and gave 'the field' a bunch of guys like Cam Atkinson 3/1 odds to win the Calder Trophy for rookie of the year, same as he gave Brayden Schenn.  I am not going to hedge my bets that much.  Cam Atkinson is going to win the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year.

Thus, I am counting on your collective forgetfulness to not rip me terribly next April, for a bad prediction.  And of course, to win an award like the Calder Trophy you need to have a little luck.  It remains to be seen if Cam has that kind of luck.

But he's got a shot at this achievement because I think he is going to make us forget about the Nicky(s), Nickolay(i) and Nikita respectively.

Wiz and Atkinson consult during the McConnell Cu
Today Puck Rakers announced that the NHL had approved the change of Cam Atkinson's number from 38 to 13.  In my opinion, by the end of this year Atkinson will make us forget Nicky Zherdev.  And, he is stepping into the role of sniper that we had reserved for Nikita Filatov.  In other words, the Filatov trade just became risk free for the CBJ.  By the end of the year, I think Cam Atkinson will make us forget about Filatov.

Yes Atkinson is not the biggest guy.  But the maturity that he brings to his play, and his record of success in helping his team win a National Championship at Boston College is something that other rookies are going to have a hard time matching.

Will some of the other players end up having better careers than Cam?  Probably.  But I don't think we are going to be disappointed with what our new number 13 is going to bring to the table.  I love the way this guy plays, and his first achievement is kicking Derick Brassard out of the top 6.  Will that last all season?  No, probably not.  Brass is a pretty good player.  But that kind of competition has never been seen in a Blue Jackets line up before.  And that is nothing but good for the team.  Think about it.  Competition from Atkinson spurs Brass to a career year.  If Brass is having a career year, it is great for the team.

So congratulations Cam Atkinson on your achievement.  Now the challenge starts!  Best of luck in the NHL in 2011-12!



  1. I hope you're right! Go Jackets!

  2. I know you are right! Cam Atkinson is an amazing player and #13 will be the one to watch!

  3. Tonight's goal is just an example of what this kid is made of, and this coming from a redhawks fan welcome my nice list Cam


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