Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So it's come to this.

Dear Columbus Blue Jackets:

It's come to this.  I'm not particularly proud at this moment, but I'm going to take this step if that's what is required.  Because I've had enough of this early-season silliness.

Nope, don't like 'em one bit.  But if wearing it gets the CBJ a win,
I'll wear mine.  (via NHLUniforms.com)
I'm going to wear your expansion era sweater on every gameday until you win a flippin' game.  

You see, you're 0-4-1 right now.  That's the worst season-starting record in team history.  Worse than the 2000-2001 expansion team.  So if you're going to play like an expansion team (even more stunning to think considering the level of talent on this squad), I'm going to have to wear that goofy expansion sweater.  

No, I don't like wearing Stingers on my shoulder.  I don't like watching the Dark Blue Toddler, who's into letter recognition, stare at the chest logo of stick, star and center line ribbon and not understand that it's supposed to be a stylized "CBJ".  And I don't even want to start talking about the fact that this sweater has neon yellow-green on it.  A pro hockey sweater.  With neon.  Ugh.

Honestly, I don't know why I even bought this.  It was an eBay impulse purchase.  It was cheap.  I had some misplaced sense of nostalgia, I suppose.  Whatever.

The point is that I've got this thing, and I'm going to wear it now.  And I'm going to encourage everyone else who has this sweater stuffed in the dark recesses of their closets to bring them out, dust them off and put them on when they're out in public, at the arena, wherever.  They are our sackcloth and ashes, our scarlet letter.  They also are our sign of being loyal - if somewhat disgruntled - Blue Jackets fans.

I won't stop attending games (well, at least the ones for which I have tickets).  I won't stop cheering.  I'll just do it while wearing Stingers on my shoulders.  <shudder>

So make it easy on your eyes and mine.  Just win a game.  Please win a game.  And win a game soon so I can go back to wearing my normal, current CBJ gear.  You guys are capable of delivering so much more than we fans have received thus far, so step it up and give us the goods.

Thank you.  Go Jackets!

-- The Dark Blue Jacket


  1. I too will join in wearing my expansion sweater, although it is the only one I own. Just to show I'm a long time, long suffering fan, I will also admit I have autographs from Luke Richardson and Jean Luc Grand-Pierre to Rick Nash and RJ Umberger on it.

  2. Im gonna wear my season 1 team signed sweater i won at my first ever game.

  3. WORST LOGO EVER ... that is all

  4. Problem is, you'll just blend in with the many folks who wear these ugly things to all the games in the past several years. I wish these folks would purchase the sweaters with the new logo (which rocks) and get with it. But, let's hope tonight is the last time you have to wear yours, okay?!

  5. I only have one CBJ sweater and my wife bought it for me the first day they were on sale after the original design was released. I only wear it to my first and last game of the season, so it's already seen our first win disappear with 40 seconds remaining! Next time I wear it, I'd like it to be to a game that clinches the playoffs!

  6. I only have the white jersey from year one, but I too will join in with wearing this. I thought I could get away with our first 3rd jersey last night....sadly that did not work. Keep the faith! Go Jackets!


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