Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Captains, My Captains

Word has come down regarding the assignment of the Columbus Blue Jackets alternate captain "A's" for 2011-2012.

Rick Nash stays as CBJ captain, but how to divvie out the rest of the "A's"?
Rick Nash, of course, will retain the captain's "C".  R.J. Umberger gets a full-time "A".  Antoine Vermette, Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski will then rotate the other "A".

It's not a huge matter, a symbolic one at that, but the fact that the Blue Jackets feel compelled to share the wealth when it comes to player leadership like this is telling.  Simply put, there are more talented veterans (to accompany the rush of talented youngsters!) on the roster.  Thus, there's a need to recognize the leaders who have been through the wars.  Though I admit a fondness for assigning Umberger the full-time "A".  Not only is he durable enough to wear it every night, he clearly has a special stature in the Blue Jackets lineup.  As for the rest, show 'em the respect that they surely will earn this season.

Nice problem to have - that of having more talent than available leadership slots - and a clever solution to spread the wealth around.  Now, bring on Nashville!

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