Monday, March 29, 2010

The Backup Team: Phoenix Comes Calling

With the Columbus Blue Jackets not making the playoffs this year, our postseason loyalties are being wooed by the rest of the league.  It has started in Phoenix with three solid rationales and one genuine clunker:
First, everyone loves the underdog. That's exactly what we were for most of the year. People still aren't giving us the biggest chance. Right now it's just a lot of "This is a great story" stuff with the thought that it'll be over soon. Well I think that's unlikely.

Second, we play some pretty exciting hockey. We like to win quite a bit. When we do it's always because of a different guy or a different play than the night before. Sure Ilya Bryzgalov stands on his head at times, but even on nights when he doesn't we'll find someone to go out there and win for us.

Third, we "small markets" have to stick together. While Phoenix is a huge city, we're apparently "small market" as we keep getting told. It helps to shut up naysayers, or at least make those nay sayers cry when one of us wins the cup or knocks out a "big market" team.

Finally, YOU OWE US. See that picture up top? Our welcome back whiteout after the summer from hell? Well your team just had to up and ruin it for us. I haven't forgotten. The least you could do is cheer us on during the real whiteout for that. I don't know. It's up to you I guess.
No, we owe the Coyotes nothing.  But we are small markets, they are underdogs in so many senses of the word and the 'Yotes most definitely come to play every night.

I'd say the Desert Dogs are leaders in my clubhouse...and not just because I own two of their old-school jerseys.  (No, not Winnipeg jerseys...!)

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