Sunday, March 14, 2010

Game 69/St. Louis Blues: (Sad) Thoughts

Here are some highlights from last night's game, a 5-1 beating by the St. Louis Blues, if you want to call them that.

It was a hard game to watch. The first period may have been boring but the Blue Jackets weren't getting outplayed, so I had hope going into the second period. The Blues also had hope and scored three times in the second. At points it looked like the Blues owned almost all the ice, skating right on through the neutral zone. The Blue Jackets had 11 shots on goal until the third period, when they took 14 more. It pays off to take shots, obviously... Voracek put one in off of a sweet pass from Brassard to prevent a shutout (thank goodness).

Noel made the interesting choice of pulling Mason with what, three minutes left? And three goals back. That led to an empty netter for the Blues, sealing the Blue Jackets' fate. It is getting annoying to watch them play well one night, with want, and then give up the next game because they are down two or three goals. I understand that the team has a good sports psychologist that works with the guys, but I don't know how much s/he has been around as of late. This team has talent, passion, and grit - they just throw it all away too quickly because, it seems, of that pattern of bombing in the third that emerged earlier this season.

I will give the honorary loser hardhat to Marc Methot, who led the team by far with seven hits. He has been looking great out there, and I hope he is one of the defensemen they choose to keep around.

Hoping to see more of an effort in the next game, but good for the Blues, who continue their push toward the playoffs. The Oilers come to Nationwide tomorrow night. The game won't be televised, which may be a good thing.

This is a tough one to write about. I'm going to forget it. Let's hope the Blue Jackets do too and they get the W tomorrow!

Photos: Jay LaPrete/AP Photo


  1. The more games I see this year (especially after the Olympic break) the more I think it's just poor conditioning. The third period the Jackets just look significantly more tired than the opposition.

  2. You may be right. Even though Commodore is looking better lately after his hellacious charley horse, he looked so darn tired last night. Hopefully with the trainer visiting the players over the summer they will be in better shape for next season.


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