Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Game 73/New Jersey: My Take

One team was in 4th place in the conference, fighting for playoff position and the division lead.

The other team was in 15th place in the conference, sorting out April tee times.

Guess which team won, 6-3?  It wasn't the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Jackets played a lackluster game - especially on defense - committing too many stupid penalties that led to the New Jersey Devils capitalizing.  It's as if they just sat there and watched the Jackets implode.

Mason wasn't great, but he had little help and, by the back half of the 2nd period, dwindling confidence.

A pathetic performance by the Jackets.  I hope Scott Howson put aside his scouting to see that mess, take notes and base his housecleaning on what he saw.


  1. Chin up DBJ! The Devils are a tough team. Once they get the lead, they start trapping and you have no chance to come back. The Pens got beat by them all 6 meetings this season. And in those 6 games, the Pens only scored 3 goals. The CBJ had that many tonight.

  2. But hey At least Kevin Smith had fun at the game! UGHHHHHHHH!!!!

  3. This had nothing to do with the trap. This had everything to do with the Jackets being lazy. As has been the case for most of the year, they wait for the puck to get to them instead of going after it. They dont hustle to where they need to be, leading to having to use the stick to catch up. It is just a case of being outworked on a nightly basis. When you make that many mistakes, you do not stand a chance to win, and you arent giving your goaltender any chance.


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