Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Games that matter, 2/22/11

YESTERDAY: It was only one game, so the damage was minimized.
  • Blackhawks beat Blues
Tossing away a two-goal lead...that's why you're the St. Louis Blues.  I'm just surprised that they didn't Get Their Goons On.
Anyway, the Columbus Blue Jackets' playoff chances now rest at 13.5%.

TONIGHT: We may hit bigger weeks in this season, but I daresay that none have been as big thus far.  And, to borrow that phrase that CBJ fans love so much, IT STARTS NOW.
  • Blue Jackets over Predators
  • Oilers over Wild
  • Devils over Stars
  • Flyers over Coyotes
  • Red Wings over Sharks
  • Avalanche over Blues
Ridiculously cheap tickets are still available for tonight's game, CBJ fans.  Between tonight's game and Friday's against Phoenix, well...this week is the big enchilada.  Keep winning, and rumor has it that Scott Howson is allowed to go shopping.  Lose, and start looking for a garage sale sign at Nationwide.

Be there.  Be loud.  Be proud.  This team has made a great comeback from a terrible slump, and they deserve your support.

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