Saturday, February 19, 2011

Riding Stralman Like a Rented Mule

Down the stretch last night, Scott Arniel rode Anton Stralman like the proverbial 'rented mule'.  During a bench shot after a particularly long shift for Stralman, you could see him sucking wind.  He was out on the ice on the next line change.  Boy, oh boy if I only could have got some money down on that possibility a mere 6 weeks ago I could quit this blogging gig and move to...  Well, you get my point.

A huge, gritty win for the CBJ last night in Chicago, to vault them into a tie with Chicago, the reigning Stanley Cup champs.  I love playoff hockey.  I love the way the CBJ are playing right now.  Great heart, great grit.

Big credit to Scott Arniel for turning on what ever light needed turned on in Stralman's head, because he is playing fine hockey now.  The things we always expected to see out of him when he was first signed.  I've got to say I am happy for him, and for us.  It bodes well for the stretch run.

Go Jackets!

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  1. 20 minutes of ice time? Stralman is the new Ironman!

    (Hey, whatever it takes...)


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