Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jackets Acquire Craig Rivet - Going to the Well

The CBJ have acquired Craig Rivet off of re-entry waivers from the Buffalo Sabres (Scotty Arniel's assistant coaching gig).  With 1 goal and 14 assists, the coach acquires a veteran defenseman whom he knows from his assistant days and can help provide veteran leadership to the defensive corps.  This is a really solid pick up that ...SMACK!  OW!  Oh, I just got dope slapped by my buddy Bill.  This is a guy who couldn't crack the line up on his own team, another trash pick up by Howson.

OK, seriously, this is how I see it.  We have 3 players, Clark, Moreau, and now Rivet.  This is a 22 game sprint to the playoffs, and the last trip to the well for these guys.  They know it, we know it.  One last hurrah.  But what's the payback?

I believe the CBJ have a decent chance of getting to the playoffs.  They are peaking at the right time, the chemistry is solid, and I think they can push their way in on what they have.  If we should get to the playoffs, these guys might really excel.  With 7 games maybe left to play in your NHL career, as a former captain, what are you going to do?? You are going to leave it all out there on the ice.  A chance to relive your former glory.  And who benefits the most??  The young guys that will form the core of the CBJ for years to come.  It means they build playoff experience into their resume.

Example:  How great for the organizations future would it be for Matt Calvert to gain playoff experience in his rookie year?
Answer:  The sky is the limit!


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