Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Games that matter, 3/1/11

YESTERDAY: Whaddya know, both games resulted in help for the Columbus Blue Jackets' playoff chances.
  • Detroit beat Los Angeles
  • Chicago beat Minnesota
The playoff chances percentage is now up to 20.5%.

TODAY: The big game, worth 8.3% (or 8.2% if the CBJ win in overtime), is the 10PM tilt in Vancouver with the Canucks.  After that, we're largely rooting for really bad teams to shock playoff contenders.
  • Blue Jackets over Canucks
  • Oilers over Predators
  • Blues over Flames
  • Stars and Coyotes don't go to overtime (with a 'yotes win being marginally better)
  • Avalanche over Sharks
Between us kids, I don't see the CBJ getting a lot of help tonight.  So our boys will have to go it alone...

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