Thursday, March 3, 2011

Games that matter, 3/3/11

Before we jump in, I thought I'd mention the latest addition to this daily series.  As we're down to the last to games and things are going to be razor-tight all the way down to the wire, I thought that a quick reference with critical information like 1) Games left, 2) The number of points behind 8th place in the West and 3) The distance between the Columbus Blue Jackets' current point total and my projected playoff qualifying target of 96 points might be useful.  So look for this every day until the end of the season.  

YESTERDAY:  Two outta three ain't bad...
  • Islanders beat Wild
  • Ducks beat Red Wings in overtime
  • Blackhawks beat Flames
The Islanders have a little bit of moxie, eh?  Good for them.  Anyhoo, the Columbus Blue Jackets' playoff chances rose to 21.8% - less than a full percentage point, but not bad considering the CBJ weren't playing last night!

TODAY: 9PM tonight in Edmonton.  I'm a little concerned that the standings are firming up again as a CBJ win now is worth only 5.2% to the positive and a loss is worth 7.2% to the negative.  Just last week, Blue Jackets wins were worth 8 and 9 percent - and the differential between wins and losses wasn't so skewed to the negative.  That tells me that the Jackets need to win, and now, to keep any playoff hopes alive.
  • Blue Jackets over Oilers
  • Canucks over Predators
  • Rangers over Wild
  • Kings over Coyotes
  • Capitals over Blues

Carry The Flag, everyone!  Edmonton might be among the worst teams in the NHL, but this is still a big, big game.  Dare I say it's a must-win?


  1. I think the reason tonights win is only worth 5% is the team we are playing has no chance of making the playoffs while the teams last week did.

  2. Good point, Superjacket. Let's hope that's the case. This is my first season of tracking playoff chances, day by day, so I'm still learning what pushes the needle in Columbus' direction.


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