Monday, March 7, 2011

Games that matter, 3/7/11

YESTERDAY: All three games went the Columbus Blue Jackets' way, if only by a hair...
  • Canucks beat Ducks
  • Sabres beat Wild in overtime
  • Flames beat Predators
The CBJ playoff chances improved by .7% to 7.1%.  Nice, but not as amusing as The Hockey News' daily blog email this morning that suggested that the Preds trade Shea Weber.  Bet that'll go over well in the hollers.

TODAY: It seems like forever, but it was only Friday when the Blue Jackets last played.  Tonight, they finish off their God-forsaken 5-game road trip in St. Louis with a visit to our favorite team. Such sweet memories. Was it only November?

Only one other game to scoreboard watch tonight, so you have no excuse to cheer so loud that the CBJ can hear you in St. Louis.
  • Blue Jackets over Blues
  • Kings over Stars
Carry The Flag!

RACE FOR THE FIRST DRAFT PICK: No change on this front.

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