Friday, March 4, 2011

Jared Boll reads the Probert news. Twice.

Not to beat this horse too hard, but Tom Reed's piece in today's Dispatch is the perfect postscript to yesterday's discussion of the Bob Probert/CTE bombshell.
Boll read the Globe And Mail story of how the late Bob Probert - one of the NHL's most celebrated tough guys - suffered from a degenerative disease that might be linked to years of absorbing head shots. 
Then, Boll sat down and read the story again. 
"It's scary to think about how it could affect you down the road," said Boll, 24. "You know, that's part of how I fight. I take a lot of punches, it's part of my strategy. I have been doing it for years now, and it's the risk you take playing."
It reads to me like Boll probably figured that risks like CTE were possible for some time, but the scientific confirmation of Probert's case made him take pause.  It would make me take pause, too.

The only way out of the enforcer's trap (fight or be cut) is to put another tool in the hockey toolbelt.  Boll once was a decent scorer in juniors, and he's displayed flashes of that skill over this season.  For his sake, I hope he starts burying the chances that he gets.

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