Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amateur hour at the CBJ ticket office

The Columbus Blue Jackets held their 2011-2012 season schedule announcement show at 2PM local time.

The Columbus Dispatch posted a full schedule article - complete with schedule analysis and quotes from General Manager Scott Howson - at 2:17PM.

While both parties had ample time to prepare their work to present to the public, the Columbus Blue Jackets ticketing department did not prepare.  As I type, there are no partial season package option offerings posted on their website.  This, despite forcing partial season ticket holders to show up tomorrow morning at a time selected by the CBJ to select seats for our packages or, as CBJ Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service Bob Sivik wrote in his June 10 letter to those of us who have already paid our fare for the upcoming season, "In the event you do not elect to attend the Open House or send someone on your behalf, you will be assigned a random seat location in your seating category following the conclusion of the event."  So I've given the CBJ my money and, even though I don't know what my options are right now, still have to show up tomorrow and pick my package and seats.  Madness.

Like many package owners, I'm going in on my package with a buddy.  He's a much busier guy than I and needs time to plan through things like what we'll be doing on weekends in February and March.  Regardless, we would have had less than 24 hours to figure out our package had the CBJ been prepared and dropped the package plans on their site at the end of the schedule show.  That would have been very inconvenient.  Now, still not having anything with which to consult with my package partner, it's just insulting.  This, from a franchise that played to half-filled (or less) houses for much of last season.

Basic sound business practice suggests that you make it as easy, convenient and pleasurable as possible for people to spend money on your product or service.  This is especially the case when your product or service is entertainment - a non-essential item in any consumer budget.

If it reads like I'm upset, I am.  And I'm betting that I'm not the only one.

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  1. I renewed for the same package I had last year - quarter season ticket, two seats. I've already been paying monthly for quite awhile.
    Showed up for my time at noon, but they couldn't find me on the sheets, or in the computer.
    Finally got my sheets, headed up to my section. There were five choices available in sections 206 through 214. Ended up in the same seats as last year, but there was only one plan of the four left for those seats.

    Remind me again, exactly what choice was I there to make?


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