Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ludicrous speed

We interrupt the offseason frenzy in Columbus Blue Jackets Nation for a brief housekeeping message...

Blogger just wrapped up the month of June - I think that it's on Greenwich Mean Time or something - and I am surprised stunned floored to report that June 2011 was the highest traffic month on the blog by a country mile.  With 17,544 page views, the Dark Blue Jacket blog crushed the previous best month ever, January 2011, by nearly 1,500 pageviews.

What makes this even more jaw-dropping to me is that the Columbus Blue Jackets didn't play a single game in the month of May.  In fact, they haven't played a game since April 10...yet June ends up being our biggest ever.

More credit than he would admit goes to my writing partner in crime, Gallos, who covered for me as I struggled through my final quarter of my Masters program (April, May and the front half of June) and finally graduated.  Not only did Gallos keep the home fires burning while I was functionally AWOL, I've noted that Gallos' posts are the ones that consistently garner the most reader comments and feedback.  More power to my man - Thank you, Gallos!

Lastly, thanks to all of you.  I'm glad you like the blog, or at least consider it worth scanning before going back to doing whatever it is you do.  Keep reading, keep letting Gallos and me know your thoughts, and - like the two of us - look forward to a great 2011-2012 season for the Columbus Blue Jackets!

Carry The Flag!

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  1. I've only started coming to your blog recently. I think its a combo of a frustrating season, Howson voicing that he was going to get serious about some changes etc but I have found myself more engaged in the whole CBJ thing than I have been since the first year or 2. I don't live in Columbus anymore so I have to look hard for it (not super represented in PuckDaddy etc--though they certainly don't ignore us). But I'll bet if I represent a slice of the CBJ fans out there many CBJ fans are frequenting the Cannon, DBJ etc quite a bit these days.

    Thanks for your efforts


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