Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pre-Game 7 thoughts

OK, so it's time to have some humble pie.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this Stanley Cup Finals series would go to seven games.  I didn't think that Boston had the wheels to keep up with Vancouver.  I didn't think that Boston's forwards would be able to penetrate the Vancouver defense and Roberto Luongo.  I didn't think that Boston's defensemen, while talented, would be able to keep the Vancouver forwards in check to get to Game 7.

And while I liked Tim Thomas, I never thought that he would dominate this series as he clearly has.  In fact, I consider it a crime if anyone but Thomas gets the Conn Smythe Trophy (Stanley Cup Playoffs MVP) - regardless of who wins in Game 7.

Now, I also never thought that Boston would manhandle Vancouver after Nathan Horton got hit into next season.  I never thought that Ryan Kesler would have been hobbled by the apparent injury that he sustained in game 7 of the San Jose series.  I never thought that Mason Raymond's back would have been broken.  I never would have thought that Vancouver's defense would be crippled by the loss of Dan Hamhuis.

And I never would have believed that Roberto Luongo would be chased from goal not once but TWICE.

But all of that happened.  And we're off to Game 7 in Vancouver.

The Canucks can't figure out how to dominate at home, but they keep squeaking out victories by sneaking the rare goal past Tim Thomas.  Then they go into Boston, and they get their clocks cleaned.

But Vancouver won the President's Trophy for most standings points in the regular season.  And for that, they get to host Game 7.  If this series holds true to form, that means that they'll get a miraculous goal late in the third or perhaps even in overtime...and circle the ice with Lord Stanley's Cup.

My opinion on this series has totally shifted.  Boston has shown so much more than Vancouver - I honestly feel that the Bruins deserve this series.  They can't seem to win in Vancouver, though, so I'm not expecting them to win.  But wouldn't it be something if they did?

Enjoy the game, everyone...this one is for all the marbles!


  1. My dad had a funny comment this weekend about that. The 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates were out scored 55-27 by being shelled in Yankee Stadium, but they still won in 7 games. Apparently Arnold Palmer sent them a congratulatory telegram that said 'good thing this was match play instead of strokes'.

    I think Vancouver pulls out the Match Play win.

  2. Totally agree. The B's deserve this one and Tim Thomas deserves the Conn Smythe. People who are still yapping about Luongo need a reality check.


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