Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coll-edge Grad-Jur-Wates! Will Work for $$!!

Carmen Ohio at OSU graduation today.
This weekend was graduation weekend in Ohio.  The Dark Blue Jacket walked at the Ohio University (my alma mater), and the Eldest Son Gallos walked at The Ohio State University.

A big Dark Blue Jacket congratulations to all the college graduates in Ohio this June (or May if you are on semesters!)  These folks are going forth armed with the ability to create the things that our society will need to survive in the future.  Best of luck to all of you.

And of course, here on the Dark Blue Jacket, it means a lot.  It is to be hoped that the DBJ will have more time to devote to producing his thoughts on the wonderful sport of hockey.  We have all missed his writing ability down the stretch, much as a hockey team must fight to overcome a key injury down the stretch. In such situations, other players who are naturally lower in the line-up are forced to step up.  This is the situation I have found myself in, trying to step up for someone who is better at this task than I am.  And, as the readers of this blog have found, it ain't always pretty.

Master DBJ, modeling the earthy green version
of the Dark Blue Jacket
None-the-less, I look forward to Master DBJ returning his keen analytical mind to the task of dissecting Columbus Blue Jackets hockey and the use of his fluid prose in this space.  I feel like Luke, searching for the Force, but not always finding it at my finger tips.  The DBJ has the touch of the Master, which I admire but cannot reproduce.

And this is the task of our many new college graduates today.  To take the skills they have learned out into the world, and apply them in the trial and error that is life.

And hopefully make a living wage while doing so.

Because, that is the cloth that season ticket holders are cut from.  Which brings us back to hockey.

Ok.  Richards AND Bieksa.  I'm okay with that!

Carter and Ehrhoff!  A good off season.

Remember Mr. Howson. You are in the entertainment business, and we need to be competitive more nights than not if you want to harness the earning potential of these college graduates!!!



  1. Congrats to your son! May Young Son Gallos find his way in the world - and squirrel enough money away every year to find a way to see a few CBJ games!

  2. Congrats to all the grads, and a hearty WELL DONE!


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