Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Coach Better Be Enough - Flyers Acquire Rights to Bryzgalov

Boy is The Cannon hot lately.  With Puck Daddy springing the news that the Flyers have acquired the rights to Iyla Brygalov, it now looks very much like something will have to give on Philly's roster, due to salary cap concerns.  This may make The Cannon's prediction that a trade for Philadelphia Center Jeff Carter might be in the offing look like solid gold.  Everyone who has read this space knows I've been pushing for the acquisition of Brad Richards in free agency.  But realistically, Carter comes in at 66 points vs the 73 I predicted for Richards, and he's 5 years younger, and can probably be acquired cheaper.  Sooo, maybe they have something there.

Well done lads, keep it up!

As far as goal tending for the CBJ, the acquisition of new, full time, goal tending coach Ian Clark will need to play dividends.  If you ever wondered how important the goal tender is, this Stanley Cup match up really emphasizes it.  But we won't be acquiring Bryzgalov, so Mason needs to work out.


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