Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Changes at the Draft Table; Rome suspended 4

Puck Rakers is announcing the Don Boyd, head of hockey operations and Bob Strumm, in charge of pro scouting have been let go.

I wonder how Strumm evaluates of Brad Richards?

We've fired coaches, we've fired GM's.  We've even fired announcers.  These guys are the remaining constants, and their body of work does not recommend them.  Maybe its time to poach some guys from people who seem to be able to evaluate talent well.  Say, umm, Detroit.

Aaron Rome was suspended four games for his late hit on Nathan Horton.  Its about right.  They are both out for the rest of the playoffs, and start anew next year.  Rome's hit was late.  As the DBJ's twitter feed noted, Horton spent an awful lot of time admiring his pass.  Both players share responsibility for it.  At what point does Rome assume responsibility for Horton's failure to see what is in front of him.  Rome certainly could have rocked his world without taking the head.  He went for the big hit.  Under the circumstances a hip check could have been just as devastating, but left the head alone.

Its justice time throughout the league.


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