Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 Thoughts about Game 17: Detroit

I don't have it in me to do a normal analysis of this pathetic excuse for a game.  Thus, I'll crowd-source these 10 Thoughts through the lively Twitter network of Columbus Blue Jackets fans, journalists and other folks:

1. BlueJackets_NHL FINAL SCORE: #RedWings 9, #CBJ 1. Abdelkader got his second of the game late.

1a. DarkBlueJacket Recap: #CBJ prove that they probably should be playing some defense in losing 9-1.  Sigh.

1b. jacketsrequired Jackets limit Detroit to three field goals. Well played.

1c. nhlcyclesophist You're wasting my time tonight, #CBJ

1d. arose213 Just saw the #cbj score, #threwup in my mouth a bit. #fb

2. Aportzline #CBJ suffers 9-1 loss to Detroit, tied for largest margin of defeat, matching 10-2 L in San Jose (3-30-02) and 8-0 L vs. Boston (2-4-02).

2a. techknowgn @Aportzline This is worse than both those games, because this team has the talent to not get beat like this. The 01-02 team didnt

2b. BethanyM85 I dub this game "The Worst Game in Franchise History" #cbj

2c. DarkBlueJacket If not the most brutal #CBJ game I've seen in the Hitchcock era, definitely in the top 3.  Ugh.

3. raycrawford shocked look on cbj faces in locker room.. hitch with rare meeting with players after he addressed the media.

3a. DarkBlueJacket @raycrawford Any paint left on the walls in the locker room?  Man, I'd hate to be in there...

3b. DarkBlueJacket Hitch: "This has been building for 3 games now."  Hmmmmm  #CBJ

3c. DarkBlueJacket Hitch: "We don't have the buy-in.  We aren't checking.  We look light and slow." True...   #CBJ

4. DaveSeaman94 RT: @BlueJacketsBuzz Steve Mason said he wasn't happy about the bronx cheers he was getting tonight from the fans. #CBJ  |  He deserved it.

4a. LoriSchmidt CBJ Captain Rick Nash on the fans who gave G Steve Mason the Bronx Cheer: "Those had to be Detroit fans. Our fans are more loyal than that."

4b. DarkBlueJacket And here I honestly thought that Mason was getting back in the groove.  Tonight was a big step backward. But where was the defense? #CBJ

4c. bcluxton Remember last year when Mason had 10 shutouts? Boy, those were the days. #CBJ

4d. hise Mason is horrible this eve. Why is Hitchcock keeping him in the net? Is there some point to make? #CBJ

4e. Aportzline No Garon injury. Hitchcock wanted Mason back in to absorb a beating w/ rest of club. RT @mirtle: @Aportzline Was Garon injured?

4f. DarkBlueJacket We really don't need for the #RedWings to be in Mason's gourd... #CBJ

5. BlueJacketsBuzz Don't know if it's safe to go outside. Jan Hejda was minus 4 tonight! Could be the end of times! #CBJ

6. thelaughlins Nice to see Hitchcock's team showed up for him for his 1000th game! #cbj #redwings

7. britjenna I'm sick and tired of wings having puck control oh and little important thing called scoring. #CBJ

8. DarkBlueJacket thinks Raffi Torres may haf lost a toof.  Ouch. #CBJ

8a. seventyeight @DarkBlueJacket He left a nice puddle of blood not far from Cam Ward's thigh muscle on the ice.

9. DarkBlueJacket I hear that there's plenty of time left... @FOXSportsOH #CBJ

9a. techknowgn @DarkBlueJacket LOL. And Pahlsson plays bigger than he is, Wings are defending western conf champs, and Rimer was just in Tronna

9b. DarkBlueJacket @techknowgn And start with the best!

9c. DarkBlueJacket Psst @FOXSportsOH - @DirecTV forgot to turn on our HD feed for the #CBJ game tonight AFTER telling me it would be on.  Epic #FAIL.      #NHL

9d. derdrache @DarkBlueJacket Dude, it wouldn't have been any better in HD.

10. DarkBlueJacket Live it up, #RedWings.  We'll be back.  And we don't forget.  #CBJ

10a. LeeAuer It could always be worse... We could live in Detroit #cbj

Next game: PuckeysMom Brutal night, #CBJ... learn quickly, shake it off, beat the #Ducks. [on Friday]

Bonus Thought 1: DarkBlueJacket is mining Twitter posts to cobble together 10 Thoughts for tonight.  #CBJ

Bonus Thought 1a. timwingfield @DarkBlueJacket Remember the 7 words you can't say on TV? There's 7 of the 10 thoughts you need...

[No editing was performed on the Tweets.  All photos from Yahoo! NHL except for the shot of Mason letting the beach ball through.  That's DamonChristen's work.]


  1. Your Friendly Pens FanNovember 12, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    I don't think you could have said your 10 things better! I have to tell you that I was shocked this morning when I was watching NHL on the Fly and saw the final score. Just shocked. The good news is that things have to get better from here because it can't get much worse.

  2. Lord, we can only hope so....


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