Sunday, November 29, 2009

Western Conference playoff race, 29 November edition

Another week in the Western Conference, another jump for the playoff qualifier bar.  This week, it went up from 26 to 29 points.

BIG POINT GAINER THIS WEEK: Soo-prise, soo-prise - It's the Calgary Flames with 7 new points over the past seven days.  Yes, the Flames finally got their act together and are en fuego.  And they didn't beat up on patsies, either - there are wins over Detroit (a shutout, no less) and Phoenix mixed in.  Other big jumpers are Anaheim and (sigh) Nashville, with 6 new points this week each.

PULLING UP THE REAR: Sigh.  Double sigh.  The Columbus Blue Jackets "40 Minute Men" strategy yielded all of 1 point this week, which included the loss to Calgary after returning from The Road Trip From Hell.  Adding insult to injury, the CBJ fell under the playoff bar, now sitting in 11th seed.  Interestingly, 3 teams only acquired 2 points this week: Detroit, San Jose and Phoenix.  If San Jose doesn't watch it, the Blackhawks (and maybe the Flames) will overtake them in the next couple of weeks - both Chicago and Calgary have only played 25 games while the Sharks have played 27.

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