Monday, November 16, 2009

Western Conference playoff race, 15 November edition

I guess it was bound to happen: The Colorado Avalanche relinquished their top seed in the Western Conference.  The San Jose Sharks now sit in the #1 slot at 32 points after an impressive 6-point week.  As Jackets fans know, the Sharks are one tough group of hombres (tougher because they have two ex-Jackets?), and their ascension to the top shouldn't be a surprise.  Sky's the limit for that team.

The playoff qualifying bar rose only 2 points this week to 22, and the Jackets sit at #7 - presumably due to tiebreakers.  Dallas and Vancouver, both at 22, are outside looking in right now.  22 points is an awful crowded place right now with Phoenix in at #8.  The Jackets need to make a move to break out of the logjam.

BIG RISER OF THE WEEK: Chicago with 8 new points.  That, my friends, is a devastating week - especially when you consider that three of the wins were against the Kings, Avs and Sharks (the other was the slowly improving Maple Leafs).  I believe that captain Jonathan Toews returned this past week...perhaps that's the reason for the tear that they're on.  Runners up: Detroit and San Jose with 6 each.  We know how good the Wings are looking (ugh), and I've already lavished enough praise on the Sharks.

BIG LOSER OF THE WEEK: Tie between Anaheim and Colorado with 1 new point each.  Colorado had 3 games this week and mustered their point in an overtime loss to Chicago, whereas Anaheim got their point when they made it to overtime (and the shootout) against the Jackets.

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