Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Thoughts (with help) about Game 22: New York Rangers

1. The Columbus Blue Jackets, in a stunning display of inept hockey on the world's biggest stage, gave up seven unanswered goals to the New York Rangers in roughly 21 minutes en route to a 7-4 loss.  In my combination of shock, denial and angst, I have recruited help from CBJ-twittering fans (and harvested a couple others' tweets) to fill out this 10 thoughts.

1a.  As I post this, the highlights (such as they are have not been posted).  So watch this and weep instead:

1b. Note the 3:50 area... "To be honest, at the end of the period I thought it was out of reach so I went downstairs to play some NHL 10. And I got upstairs to watch it a little late."  Sigh.

1c. In the interest of completeness, here are the "highlights" (term used VERY loosely):

2. From longtime New York hockey journalist Stan Fischler: Now I know why Detroit beat Columbus, 9-1, a few weeks ago. Jackets have AWFUL goalies.

2a. From PuckeyesMom to Stan: Unnecessary & inaccurate - if you are *truly* watching the game, you would see that the D is the problem, not the goalies.

2b. I think we have the most observant fans in the business.

3. From hockeyisgood: jackets need to work on defensive odd man rushes and defense...thats a big problem even from the #preds game

3a. From CBlueJacketFan: The defense should have strong legs tomorrow night, since they really didn't use them tonight.

3b. From bcluxton: here's a thought - call up Roy and Clitsome. We need D-men that will hit.

3c. From BlueJacketsBuzz: We all agree that the D has major flaws. Who does Howson go get? Joe Corvo & Paul Mara have to be 2 targets to trade for.

4. The inability of this team to forecheck - hard, punishing forechecks, I mean - is totally baffling.  It's not Hitch hockey.

4a. I honestly believe that the Rangers were physically weak.  The Jackets didn't capitalize.

4b. From 97.1 The Fan's sports journalist LoriSchmidt: You know it's one thing when Detroit makes the Blue Jackets look this bad. These are the Rangers!

5. From PuckeysMom: Mason allows 4 goals... Garon allows 3 goals... Lundqvist allows 4 goals, yet Lundqvist is a god.  Go figure.

5a. From jackets4life: The post has as many saves as Garon. Yikes.

6. From Fox Sports Ohio's raycrawford at the 2nd intermission: if this keeps up.. cbj will have lost just 2 in regulation in last 11.. will have been outscored in those loses 16-4.

7. Did R.J. Umberger make the trip from Nashville?  I don't think I've ever missed him so completely in a game.

7a. From puckeye: Is it a good or bad thing to not notice Paulson?

8. Kudos to the goal scorers:  Derek McKenzie, Jared Boll, Kristian Huselius and Jake Voracek.

8a.  It should be noted that Jared Boll had a Gordie Howe Hat Trick - a goal, an assist and a fight (two fights, actually!).

8b. From CBlueJacketFan: My picks for tonight's 3 stars:  Boll, Boll's left fist, Boll's right fist.

9. Rick Nash flopped on Broadway.  Glad it was one night only.

9a.  The Captain had 5 shots and a +/- of -4 on the night.  Ouch.

10. From DamonChristen: One word....Suck

10a. From seppesai: re: tonight's game-- at least it wasn't a conference game.

10b. From seventyeight: All I can say is *SIGH*

10c. From LeeAuer: Well, we rolled over, woke up, and got it going with momentum for tomorrow vs. Montreal

10d. From LoriSchmidt Well, at least it's been a couple minutes since the Rangers have scored...

NEXT UP: Tomorrow in the Bell Centre against Les Habitants.  At least this loss won't stink too long...
Photos from Yahoo! NHL.

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