Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Question: What's up with the defense?

I'll admit it, I'm baffled.

The Columbus Blue Jackets seemed to have upgraded their defense over last year with the addition of Anton Stralman.  However, the defense of late has been abysmal if not absent altogether.  What gives?  Why are the CBJ having such issues on defense ?

Possible answers:

  1. Mike Commodore is still getting into game shape after his preseason flu and other ailments.
  2. The forwards aren't playing Hitch-hockey and placing too much responsibility on the defense
  3. ..... I have no idea
What's your take?  Post them in the comments.

[UPDATE: A Shot From the Point offers some suggestions - Is Methot the issue?  Should Li'l Russ get scratched?]


  1. I think you hit it on the head. There's too much responsibility for the defensemen. We need another Defenseman desperately, even without Commodore in the lineup. It seems if one of our more prominently Defensemen get hurt, we struggle immensely.

  2. brassard and voracek had more hits tonight than all our d guys put together it seemed

  3. So it's the forwards not doing their jobs (defensively speaking), or is it the defensemen playing like bullfighters? (Ole!)

  4. Count me in the "I have no idea" category. We weren't the best defensively last year but I would consider the Jackets "good." Did they forget how to play D over the summer? I'm baffled as well.

  5. My review of the Montreal game covers this new idea...conditioning. Across the board. We start strong and progressively fade through the course of the game. Every time. It's worth considering. But how do you fix conditioning in the middle of a season?


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