Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 Thoughts about Game 25: Calgary

1. The Columbus Blue Jackets returned to Nationwide Arena after a hellacious (1-3-1) road trip and lost to the Calgary Flames, 4-3, in a post-overtime shootout.

1a. Here are the highlights:

2. I watched the Notre Dame-Stanford game last night, so I only saw bits and pieces of the CBJ game.  The 1st period, the Boll goal, the overtime period and the shootout.  That was probably enough.

3. I think I should trademark the term, "40 Minute Men" - I sure am using it enough.  Being up, 3-1, at the end of 2 and then letting the Flames back in during the 3rd -just like so many other teams this season - is ridiculous.

4. This season is starting to feel like we're listening to a broken record.  Kids, if you don't know what a record is, ask your parents.

5. Glad to see that Rick Nash got another goal.  We need a bright spot on what has become a surpremely frustrating season.

5a. I really like Raffi Torres, but I'm not sure that he's the best choice to put on the 1st line.  I can't say that definitively  as I didn't see enough of the game, but I'm reasonably sure.

6. Steve Mason again played a good (but probably not great) game, fell apart for a brief stretch and forced us to endure the pain of him on the shootout.

7. I love Anton Stralman's shot.  On defense.  Not on the shootout.

8. When two of your three non-shootout goals come from 1) A 4th-liner who probably shouldn't be taking shots and 2) A defenseman who could be a healthy scratch on any given night, you have to ask, "Outside of Rick Nash, where are the top six forwards?"

8a.  Where would this team be without Derek McKenzie and his fellow kamikaze 4th liners?

9. Nice to see the 17,000+ crowd at Nationwide.  Columbus so desperately wants to root for a winner...

10.  Hitch's notable post-game comment: "We'll get it fixed." (re: Mason's shootout performance)  Combine that with Scott Howson's statement to the Dispatch that there will be no personnel changes in the offing, and you have a management that's sticking to their guns.  Gulp.

NEXT UP: Monday, home against St. Louis - the only team in the Central Division below the Blue Jackets.  Gosh, I want to see that punk, Oshie, get flattened.  Ideally, that would come from Rick Nash.

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