Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revenge begins tonight

It's time.

Since April 23, 2009, Columbus Blue Jackets fans have wanted a shot at the Detroit Red Wings, the team that bounced them from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Well, tonight's the night.

I don't care if the Red Wings lost players to free agency.  I don't care if they have players on injured reserve.  I don't care if their goaltending is so bad that they're starting a rookie backup against us.  I don't care if Mike Babcock has an ingrown toenail (can't confirm that one...).

They're the Red Wings, they're coming to Nationwide tonight, and they must lose.

It's time for revenge.  And we will keep exacting revenge until WE bounce THEM from the playoffs.  And that will happen.

In the spirit of all-time great revenge stories, let me share one of the best, from Rob Reiner's "The Princess Bride":

Carry The Flag!

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