Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Games that matter, 2/16/11

First, a quick recap.  Three games mattered last night, and some of the chips finally fell the Columbus Blue Jackets' way.  To summarize:
  • Oilers beat the Stars
  • Canucks beat the Wild
  • The Sharks beat the Predators in overtime
The Sharks' OT win (CBJ fans were rooting for the Sharks to lose - Are we capable of rooting for the Preds to win?) did not help, nor did the fact that it was a three-point game.  The improbable Oilers win, even against a slumping (fading?) Stars team, helped.  So did the Canucks win.
After the night's dust settled, the CBJ's playoff chances rose to 10.6%.  Every little game helps at this point!  In addition, the Blue Jackets sit in 12th place, 5 points behind the 8th place Calgary Flames.

Ooooh - the Chicago Blackhawks are one point, and one standings rank, above the CBJ right now.  And they just happen to be playing on Friday night in Chicago.  That'll be a big game...

Anyhoo, let's look at tonight's docket.  If you're a Blue Jackets fan, you should be rooting for the following:

  • Blue Jackets beat the Kings (no-brainer, but CBJ wins are monumentally important)
  • Capitals beat the Ducks
  • Blackhawks and the Wild resolve the game in regulation (both scenarios equally help the CBJ, just as long as it's not a 3-point game)
  • Same thing for Stars and Flames - get the game decided in regulation
Game on!

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  1. Damn. We got all of the games so far except ours.


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