Friday, February 25, 2011

Games that matter, 2/25/11

YESTERDAY: The Columbus Blue Jackets survived another night off without playing and, while the night was not perfect from their perspective, still saw their playoff chances rise by the slightest of margins.
  • Stars beat Red Wings 
  • Kings beat Wild
  • Canucks beat Blues
  • Blackhawks beat Predators
The only legit downer in the bunch was the Dallas win.  Regardless, the CBJ playoff odds are now at 22.6%.

TODAY: A Twitter acquaintance on Monday said he was short on cash and time and only could get to one CBJ home game this week.  He asked the world whether he should go to the Preds game or the Coyotes game.  I suggested that he pick Phoenix, because a win over Nashville would have the team in full playoff run mode (and weekend games are a little better attended, hence a little more noise in the house).  By the way, there still are some tickets available here.  Get 'em while they last.

Well, the Blue Jackets beat Nashville (read about it here and here), and the CBJ are in full playoff mode.  And this game against Phoenix is HUGE.  Win, and the playoff chances rise by a gaudy 6.0 percent.  Lose and they drop by an even gaudier 7.2 percent.  That's what it looks like when you're in 12th place yet only four points out of're teetering on the edge.  No way but the hard way.
  • Blue Jackets over Coyotes
  • Sharks over Flames
  • Ducks over Wild
  • Oilers over Blues
Enjoy the game tonight, everyone.  I'll be on the couch for this one, sporting my new Jon Mirasty game-worn jersey!


  1. I'm blown away by the lack of seats available for the Phoenix game. Makes me wonder if the city of Columbus is finally starting to get on board with the hardcore CBJ fans...

    Congrats on the Mirasty acquisition.. I'll be sitting on the throne with my Vermette on (Brassard jersey is on IR of course) with beers in hand! Go Jackets!

  2. I will still accept those fans who are late to the party... it's about damn time. LOL.

    Stoked for the game tonight... time to raise some hell. Go Jackets!

  3. Edwards - I think you're right. The buzz is finally happening, and estranged fans are coming home.

    A Vermette jersey. Bold. I like. Hope he steps up huge tonight.


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