Thursday, February 24, 2011

Games that matter, 2/24/11

YESTERDAY: All told, a better than average day for the Columbus Blue Jackets despite not playing.
  • Lightning beat Coyotes
  • Sharks beat Penguins in overtime
  • Kings beat Ducks
  • Oilers beat Avalanche
The only bummer in that mix is the Sharks win.  Still, the CBJ playoff chances rose another .94% to 22.6% - can't complain about that!

Things are also starting to shake out in the West.  Dallas (5 games) and Anaheim (4) are on extended losing streaks, providing an opening for a streaking CBJ to fly through.  Nashville has two straight losses as well.  And, as we've been reminded, the 12th place CBJ are only 4 points out of 5th place in the West.  Madness.

TODAY: Yet another off day for the Blue Jackets.  Rest up, everyone, because - statistically speaking - Friday's Phoenix game at Nationwide means more to the CBJ's playoff chances (6.0% if Columbus wins) than any game since I've started this little series.
  • Red Wings over Stars
  • Kings over Wild
  • Preds over Blackhawks - But the CBJ's chances still improve as long as the game is decided in regulation
  • Canucks over Blues
As a point of comparison, the CBJ's chances would improve by 1.3% if every game fell our way. Nice, sure, but the 6.0% of a Phoenix win would be a tremendous boost.  While help from our rivals is appreciated, Columbus is at the point of "Win and You're In."

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