Monday, February 21, 2011

Games that matter, 2/21/11

YESTERDAY: I think it's safe to say that, more or less, yesterday  stunk for the CBJ. Of course, we're bound to get that disappointment when we look to Eastern Conference teams to beat Western Conference teams. Don't take offense, East Fan...I'm still rooting for the Columbus Blue Jackets to mosey on over to the East and provide some much-needed competitiveness!
  • Blackhawks beat Penguins
  • Flames beat Canadiens
  • Red Wings beat Wild in a shootout
Blasted Pens - even in defeat, they provide nothing but frustration for CBJ fans.  Anyhoo, the Blue Jackets' playoff chances dropped to 13.6%.  Sigh.

TODAY: One 2PM Eastern...
  • Blues over Blackhawks
Considering what St. Louis did recently in trading with Colorado, I would not be surprised if the Blues actually took this one.  That Chris Stewart is a monster when healthy. Nash-like.  

It's probably good to only have one game to watch today...cleanses the palette for tomorrow night's throwdown with the Preds at Nationwide.  Clear the head, focus the energy...and get ready to bring the noise.

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  1. Good stuff to keep track of and looking forward to listening tomorrow.


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