Sunday, February 20, 2011

Games that matter, 2/20/11

LAST NIGHT: On balance, the Columbus Blue Jackets fared pretty well in the games that mattered:
  • Islanders beat Kings
  • Canucks beat Stars
  • Blues beat Ducks
  • Sharks beat Avalanche
  • Coyotes beat Predators
The first three were positives for the CBJ, the last two...not so much.  As I said, though, the evening was a net win for Columbus, who saw their chances of making the playoffs rise by .7% to 14.7%.

TODAY: As we know, the CBJ are off until Tuesday, so we get to enjoy Hockey Day In America (email me for instructions on where to mail the check, NBC/Versus) with definite rooting interests.

  • Canadiens over Flames
  • Penguins over Blackhawks
  • Red Wings over Wild
Now, here's the interesting part about today's games: Whereas some games not involving the CBJ were only worth a tenth or two-tenths of a percentage point as far as improving or decreasing the CBJ playoff chances, today's games are worth .6% to .7% if "our team" wins. What does that mean? I'm not bright enough to run the statistical analyses myself but will venture a guess that the literal tie in the standings with Chicago (Blackhawks in 11th right now, CBJ in 12th) means that Columbus is on the verge of moving on up - hence the games meaning more if they go our way. Add on to that the fact that the West is FINALLY shaking loose a little with Chicago (3-5-2 in the last 10), Dallas (2-7-1) and Anaheim's (6-4-0, but losers of 3 in a row) recent skids.

So combine the help from other teams with a rockin' 6-3-1 record in the last 10 for Columbus, and it makes sense that the CBJ have an increasingly positive playoff picture. I'm still realistic - the Blue Jackets still only have a 14.7% chance of making the playoffs today - but the stars are aligned for the team to take control of its destiny as opposed to praying that other chips keep falling the right way. And now with rumors floating that Scott Howson has been green-lighted to add salaries before the trade deadline if the CBJ keep winning...well, things just got even brighter.

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  1. Ugh. I can't believe I have to root for the Penguins. But I'll do it! For Columbus!


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