Saturday, February 26, 2011

Games that matter, 2/26/11

YESTERDAY: With absolutely no help from the rest of the Western Conference, the Columbus Blue Jackets saw their playoff chances rise to 28.9% - at least in part due to that kid in the photo to the right.
  • Blue Jackets beat Coyotes
  • Wild beat Ducks in overtime
  • Blues beat Oilers
  • Sharks beat Flames in a shootout
Only the Sharks-Flames game was a wash.  The other two games hurt the CBJ, but nowhere near bad enough to overwhelm the 6.0% improvement that came from beating the 'yotes.

TODAY: No CBJ today (but whoa nelly...big one in Nashville tomorrow!), and only two games on the GTM docket.
  • Avalanche over Kings
  • Predators and Stars gets decided in regulation
Actually, the Stars winning helps the CBJ by just a smidge more...but keep it simple right now.  No overtime.

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