Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Time to Break the Curse of Hat Night

A collection of hats from hat night at the CBJ
Over the years, the BlueJackets have passed out some really nice hats to fans on hat night.  There is only one real problem with this.  The CBJ ALWAYS lose on hat night.  This must stop now!  Darn it, we are in a playoff race!  We need to have this game against the Avs, and we can't afford to let the curse of hat night take it from us.  All of you, please call on what ever deity, spirit, saint, druid, clergy person, or Hockey Jobu that is in accordance with your personal beliefs, and beg them to lift this awful curse!

The CBJ are offering a really boss 10th Anniversary Hat for hockey night against the Avs.  This hat is a good one to start a new trend for the next 10 years, that of winning the game on hat night!  Make your plea in good time so we may enjoy the fruits of victory tomorrow.

As far as the history of these hats are concerned, the oldest is the golf visor.  A really poor choice that was handed out late in the year, when predictably, the CBJ were out of it, and the only thing they were going to play in April was golf.

The CBJ Trucker style hat.
The next year they handed out a pretty decent trucker style hat.  This particular hat I have nurtured through many a summer day of yard work until it has reached a nearly perfect state of filth and disgust.  This hat is in its relatively short lived prime right now.  Several more good additions of filth will render it too disgusting to wear, but right now its perfect if you need to move in circles of folks with necks that have seen too much sun and not enough sunscreen. 

The next year around St. Patty's day they passed out the big green beauty, which is a bit reminiscent of the old Cincinnati Reds high dome in the Big Red Machine days.  Its a really nice hat, but doesn't always fit with CBJ colors except on special March days.  The next one we got was a really nice one commemorating Mr. Mac.  Its a nice cap, done just the way he liked them.  This is a pretty special hat for me, and I wouldn't wear it if it might get tossed to the ice on a hat trick.

Someone got the Blues?
 The hat they passed out last year is a pretty nice Blue and White hat, that has seen some pretty good luck.  You can see I was really excited after wearing it to a certain game earlier in the year. 

So this year, we get a really nice 10th anniversary hat.  I hope it brings us a decade of good luck.

Go Jackets!!!


  1. I think it's pretty clear that a different hockey deity should work: Baby Hockey Jesus. He was prophesied in the hallowed Cheel Arena (Clarkson University - former home of Grant Clitsome), and can be found in this link:

    But seriously, why haven't these hats resulted in hat tricks? Isn't that how these giveaways are typically supposed work?

  2. Zekebud -
    I am all for a new tradition of hat tricks on hat night. Sorry to have omitted a favorite deity. My bad.


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