Thursday, February 17, 2011

Games that matter, 2/17/11

LAST NIGHT: Wouldn't you know, the one night that literally every other game that mattered went Columbus' way, the Columbus Blue Jackets can't maximize their opportunity.  To recap:
  • Kings beat the Blue Jackets in a shootout
  • Capitals beat the Ducks
  • Flames beat the Stars
  • Blackhawks beat the Wild
Even better, the Flames/Stars and Blackhawks/Wild games were decided in regulation - we as CBJ fans didn't really care who won, just as long as it wasn't a 3-point game.

As for the CBJ-Kings game, it was a case of opportunity lost...but a total disaster was avoided by getting to overtime.  Read more about that here.  The CBJ ended up the night with a 10.2% chance of making the playoffs.

TONIGHT: Columbus has off tonight, so your scoreboard watching can take place with no distractions. Sports Club Stats says:
  • Thrashers over the Coyotes
  • Capitals over the Sharks
  • Canucks over the Predators
  • Rangers over the Kings
So we root for East over West - makes sense. In the case of the Canucks and Rangers games, root for regulation wins as overtime wins accomplish absolutely nothing for Columbus.

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