Thursday, February 3, 2011

On the Moore Call Up

Ok, work with me folks. Still mastering this. But the Cannon 
is reporting that John Moore was called up.

I like this. Moore has speed, and the CBJ have been susceptable to speed teams. We'll get a true sense of what this means against Edmonton in the Nationwide barn on Saturday. They burned us with speed last time we played them.

There will be doubters, but the NHL game is different than the AHL game, with speed being the primary difference. If Moore can adapt, he will be able to stick.


  1. I'm cautiously optimistic for Moore. All things being equal, I'd like for the incumbent CBJ blue line to play at a level where such a move wasn't necessary, but that's not in the cards. So we give Moore a few games - as many as 32, right? - to see how he'll fare against the big boys. And, for my money, there are none as consistently big as Detroit. Heck of a way to start. Welcome to The Show, Jeepers.

    I'm also intrigued by the timing. This move screams "trade deadline" to me. Howson and Arniel are trying to gauge what they have...and what they need to go out and overpay for...before the deadline passes.

    (BTW, Gallos: Hope you don't mind the minor formatting edits! I didn't mess with your content - honest!)


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