Thursday, March 3, 2011

Game 63/Edmonton: My Take

The Columbus Blue Jackets dropped to 0-2-1 in the first three games of their five-game western road trip tonight in losing, 4-2, to the Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place.

Yes, this is the same Blue Jackets team that took the best team in the league (the Vancouver Canucks) to the wire in overtime just two days ago.  And they now have lost, decisively, to the worst team in the league.

The rule of thumb on road trips is that a team should get at least half of the possible standings points.  With 1 point after three games, the CBJ must get wins against Calgary tomorrow and against St. Louis on Monday to salvage 5 points.

As for the game, I am frustrated beyond belief and best not put anything in writing.

NEXT UP: 9PM tomorrow in Calgary.  To call it a "must win" game is the mother of all understatements.

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