Sunday, March 6, 2011

Games that matter, 3/6/11

YESTERDAY: The Columbus Blue Jackets didn't play, and the rest of the NHL's Western Conference bubble teams kept on, keepin' on.
  • Coyotes beat Red Wings in shootout
  • Stars beat Sharks
  • Canucks beat Kings
  • Blackhawks beat Maple Leafs
The Canucks' win was the only bright spot of a night that saw the Blue Jackets' playoff chances drop by another .57% to 6.4%.  And perhaps just as important, the CBJ fell another point behind 8th place.
TODAY: No CBJ game until tomorrow (in St. Louis), so here are the three games to keep an eye on.
  • Sabres over Wild
  • Canucks over Ducks
  • Flames and Predators resolve the game in regulation
HUNT FOR THE TOP DRAFT PICK:  When one's team gets to a single digit percentage playoff chance, one's mind starts thinking of other the June NHL Draft....

With the Buffalo and Edmonton wins, the CBJ dropped a first pick slot down to 10th and lessened the gap between themselves and the first pick.  

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