Saturday, March 5, 2011

Games that matter, 3/5/11

YESTERDAY: Outside of the loss to Calgary, which really, really hurt the Columbus Blue Jackets' playoff chances, the rest of the West did Columbus no favors.
  • Flames beat Blue Jackets
  • Ducks beat Stars in overtime
  • Blackhawks beat Hurricanes
Yeah, even the Anaheim-Dallas game went to overtime.  Columbus fans didn't even care who won that one as long as it stayed in regulation.  It was that kind of night.

All told, the CBJ playoff chances dropped 5.4% to 7%.

TODAY: No CBJ game until Monday (in St. Louis - that should be rich), so kick back and watch these games if you still hold out hope for the Boys in Union Blue...
  • Red Wings over Coyotes
  • Sharks over Stars
  • Canucks over Kings
  • Maple Leafs over Blackhawks
HUNT FOR THE TOP DRAFT PICK:  When one's team gets to a single digit percentage playoff chance, one's mind starts thinking of other the June NHL Draft....

And yes, a whopping seven of those 10 spots in front of the CBJ are occupied by Eastern Conference teams.

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